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For the "Three is the magic number" section, each week we randomly pick a jazz musician, journalist, organiser or other professional and enquire about the three records that currently apply as the main source of inspiration for their career. Styles and borders are thrown overboard and people who do not include a W.E.R.F. release are not necessarily locked up in a dark cellar of our jazz bastion in Werfstraat in Bruges.

John Zorn - Bar Kohkba
Choosing three CDs is of course very difficult, but this record will always be included. This is such a timeless, intimate record. The two understand each other so well it’s almost scary. This is the second duo record Bill Evans & Jim Hall recorded, four years after ‘Undercurrent’. If I had to choose then this is my favourite record, even if it were just for the wonderful guitar solo on ‘I’ve got you under my skin’.


Bugge Wesseltoft – Im / Playing / Songs
On this record Pat Metheny shows himself to be a jazz guitarist in the tradition of bebop and post bop. It is one of the few times that Metheny recorded standards. He plays unequalled up-tempo parts as well as beautiful ballads. It goes without saying that the rhythm section is fantastic with Dave Holland and Roy Haynes. I was lucky enough to see this trio in Brussels after the release of the CD and it remains one of my most memorable live experiences.


Charles Mingus – Pithecanthropus Erectus
Yes, my third record also revolves around a guitarist… It wasn’t meant to be this way, I also enjoy listening to other instruments…The trio of Wynton Kelly (on piano naturally) with Paul Chambers on bass and Jimmy Cobb on drums (the rhythm section of Miles Davis for a few years) is really groovy! To me this is the reference when it comes to swing, dynamism and energy. And it’s a live album. With Wes Montgomery, this provides an explosive mix.

Moker - Konglong (W.E.R.F.049)
I wore this record out. Chet Baker almost at the end of his life in a great trio with Philip and Jean-Louis. To me this is Belgian; it was even recorded in Brussels. The sound of the guitar and trumpet fit perfectly together. Some might find this record a little dated due to the special bass sound or the extremely compressed guitar, but I think it’s wonderful!
Erik Vermeulen Trio - Live Chroma (W.E.R.F.075)
I love trumpet players and especially Bert Joris! But also his songs, which are beautiful compositions! I also have great admiration for Dado Moroni (piano). I have seen them live a few times and this quartet works really well!

Parity - Ben Sluijs & Erik Vermeulen

Yves Peeters Group - Sound Tracks (W.E.R.F.082)
I was a fan of David Linx from the beginning. I was immediately charmed by his phrasing, timbre, improvisations, etc. The records with Diederik Wissels were very good. This record with BJO is a perfect combination! Jazz and vocals: it is possible!

Sound Tracks - Yves Peeters Group