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For the "Three is the magic number" section, each week we randomly pick a jazz musician, journalist, organiser or other professional and enquire about the three records that currently apply as the main source of inspiration for their career. Styles and borders are thrown overboard and people who do not include a W.E.R.F. release are not necessarily locked up in a dark cellar of our jazz bastion in Werfstraat in Bruges.
This week we put the spotlight on young drummer Matthias De Waele. The past five years he developed into a very active player on the Flemish jazz scene and can be seen in young groups and ensembles such as Trioxide, Phd and the trio De Looze / Machtel / De Waele. The latter group consists of Matthias on drums, Jos Machtel on contrabass and young pianist Bram De Looze. Later this year they will release their debut album on our W.E.R.F. label. More news will follow later on.
Miles Davis - Milestones
The drummer on this record, Philly Joe Jones, is one of my heroes. His phrasing, sound and swing feel continue to fascinate me greatly. This record is a good summary of Philly's musical vocabulary.
Ahmad Jamal - At The Pershing-But Not For Me
I met Ahmad Jamal through Bram De Looze. I believe that his group with Israel Crosby and Vernel Fournier set new standards for piano trios in the history of jazz. This is not just a soloist and a rhythm section. How they construct a track together with such strong dynamism, sound and timing is simply incredible.
Thelonious Monk - At The Blackhawk
This was the very first Monk record I ever heard and I was immediately impressed. Apart from Monk himself we hear, among others, Charlie Rouse on tenor saxophone and Billy Higgins on drums.
Bert Joris Quartet - Live (W.E.R.F.035)
I’m a great admirer of Bert Joris, as a trumpet player as well as a composer. What’s so nice about this record is that it concerns recordings of two concerts and you can be fully absorbed in the live sensation. It is also interesting that Bert works with two different rhythm sections: on the one hand Rosario Bonaccorso (contrabass) and Dré Pallemaerts (drums) and on the other hand Philippe Aerts (contrabass) and Félix Simtaine (drums). 
Frank Vaganée Trio feat. John Ruocco - Two Trios (W.E.R.F.016)
Two of my favourite saxophonists and an incredible rhythm section explore the boundaries of playing in trio. A hugely inspiring record!
Dré Pallemaerts - Pan Harmonie
A truly beautiful record of my teacher Dré Pallemaerts on which everything makes sense. In addition, Bill Carrothers plays along: one of my favourite contemporary pianists.